2012: The 15 Top Apl.de.ap moments


By: Adriana Perez H.

Since The Black Eyed Peas last concert on november 2011, Apl.de.ap didn´t take the word “hiatus” too serious, because he worked so hard as a dj, he filmed commercials and he increased his philanthropic work in Philippines.

According to its internet impact and Apl.de.ap´s goals, these are the 15 biggest Apl.de.ap moments in a 12 month  that was crammed with success and hard work.


fpac06Apl.de.ap was the special guest at the Annual Festival of Philippine Art and Culture (FPAC), where he performed on stage and received a special recognition for representing his culture around the world. -READ  FULL ARTICLE (PICTURES + VIDEOS)


34e69o3Apl.de.ap  presented the award of Hope Video at the 2012 Dell Social Innovation Awards in Austin, Texas. Also, he was part of the HOPE EP with his song “We Can Be Anything”, all proceeds from the EP went to the HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign and Apl.de.ap Foundation. -READ FULL ARTICLE


tvshoot04On March, The San Miguel Pale Pilsen TV Commercial was released. The storyline is a tribute to Apldeap´s Life and his passion of cooking. Kris Aquino (TV personality) also appears on the video.




phisinga02 - copiaApl.de.ap attended to the Annual Credit Suisse Philanthropists Forum 2012  held in Singapore. Apl shared his own story as artist and philanthropist during the gala dinner. He explained how he is committed to helping children in his native country, Philippines, through The Apl Foundation by improving their education. -READ FULL ARTICLE (PLUS PICTURES).






2r25awjApl.de.ap hosted the We Can Be Anything Campaign Charity Gala Dinner in London. He arrived to the red carpet in a “We Can be Anything” tricycle which also was around London streets for the Olyimpic Games on July. -READ FULL ARTICLE ( PLUS PICTURES).







00205114_1410543357_nApl.de.ap and This Time Productions  joined together for a TV series filming about what’s right with this world. They followed the Black Eyed Peas star during his travel to Philippines, last november, where Apl did philanthropic work, including the opening of an orphanage and new schools buildings. -READ FULL ARTICLE.



brus03Apl.de.ap made a “Summer DJ Tour” and “Winter DJ Tour” around Europe, in which he visited places such as Ibiza, London, Israel, Belgium and more. The tour brought Apl the opportunity to performed infront of thousands of people and showed them his music and energy. The most memorable shows were in Tomorrowland, Israel and Dubai. -CLICK HERE TO SEE A REVIEW OF EACH DJ SET

flyaplcoverApl.de.ap released a new song on itunes, called FLY. The song was composed and produced by him. -READ FULL ARTICLE.






view_photo-9Apl.de.ap celebrated his culture with friends and filipino artists at the Hollywood Bowl in California, around 11.ooo people attended to the concert. One of the special guests was the boxer Nonito Donaire, who performed with Apl on stage. -READ FULL ARTICLE ( PLUS PICTURES AND VIDEOS).







capApl.de.ap composed the soundtrack of the filipino movie called “El Presidente”. He filmed the music video of the song in his native city, also the song won the award for the Best Theme Soundtrack at Metro Manila Film Festival. -READ FULL ARTICLE




peace01President Benigno Aquino III named some popular showbiz personalities as among the “National Peace Ambassadors’ during the launch of the “I am for Peace” campaign in Malacañang, Philippines. The campaign seeks to engage all sectors of society in sustaining support for the country’s peace process. -READ FULL ARTICLE ( PLUS PICTURES)







jumpInApl.de.ap and Jessica Sanchez recorded a song together called: Jump In for SMART Communications. -READ MORE ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN ( PLUS AD PICTURES)




aplschool3Apl.de.ap formally handed over  a newly-completed two-storey, four-classroom schoolbuilding to the students at Balulang Elementary School in Cagayan de Oro. -READ FULL ARTICLE (PLUS PICTURES)


When Apldeap (who is legally blind) performed in front of thousands of fans, all he could see was the first five rows of fans and only the shapes of his bandmates Taboo, Fergie and will.i.am. After his surgery Apl said: “The fuzziness has already gone away,” he said as he hugged his mom. “Wow, it’s like I have my contacts.”-“I can see a lot more details in faces,” he said. “I can actually see people from a distance now. I can see almost 100 feet away, before I couldn’t see that.”  -READ FULL ARTICLE

presi1Apl.de.ap was one of this year’s recipients of the Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas, he was honored for not forgetting his cultural roots and for being a supporter of youth education program in the Philippines. -READ FULL ARTICLE (PLUS PICTURES).





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