Apl.de.ap in the studio joined by female singers

SEPTEMBER 15TH:  When the filipino star isnt touring around the world, he spents hours at the studio recording and producing new tracks for his solo album.

Recently, Apl.de.ap has been working with the filipina singer and model Elleah, the artist shared this message:

“Such an amazing experience being able to work in the studio alongside Apl de Ap of Black Eyed Peas and other extremely talented producers who produced their album. So much music to be done in the next couple of weeks & I feel extremely blessed to have had once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Before Elleah, the songwritter Wendy Starland joined him at the studio, she shared a message recorded with Apl in her SeeMail.com account, click here for listen it.  She also tweeted:

“In the studio songwriting with Apl.de.Ap of The Black Eyed Peas”

Apl.de.ap had expressed to this site that his solo album may include Dance Music and Tagalog songs. It seems he wants to collaborate with different artists, in may he  recorded a song with Chris Willis, called: Anything For Love, which was exclusively released during his European DJ Tour. Lets hope we will enjoy this songs pretty soon at the radio. -(Come on Apl, release the new album soon!)-


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