Apl.de.ap interview for 7DAYS, Dubai

OCTOBER 8TH:  Apl.de.ap will be performing his DJ SET for the first time in Dubai next thursday. The  website 7 Days had an interview with Apl.de.ap last week, where he talked about his background and charity work.

Limousines, exclusive parties and the red-carpet treatment may be the norm for pop idols, but Black Eyed Peas founding member apl.de.ap is made of different stuff.

The band have sold millions of records around the world with smash hit singles such as ‘Where Is the Love? and ‘I Gotta Feeling’. However, there are more pressing things on the mind of the Filipino-born star.

Born Allan Pineda Lindo Jr in the province of Pampanga, Central Luzon, apl was adopted and moved to the US aged 14. But he’s never forgotten his Filipino roots and although he lives the highlife in the States, he is also ‘Peace Ambassador’ for his home country. Catching up with 7DAYS ahead of his Nasimi Rocks show on Thursday, he said:

“I’m in Manila right now, I’ve been back in the Philippines almost twice a month this year, building classrooms for children – so far I’ve built 20. You know, I was one of those children and now I want to make a difference.”

Apl, who earlier this year had corrective surgery on a serious eye problem that had rendered him legally blind, spoke of helping in areas such as Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines and an area known for ethic violence. His ‘We Can Be Anything Campaign’, is a two-year joint project with the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation to build 10,000 classrooms.

“We look for places where the children really need it. For example, in some areas children are still swimming to go to school. They have to store their school books on the school side of the river or beach, otherwise they’ll get wet. So the only time they get to do their homework is in the morning again when they swim across to go to school. We’re trying to build in these areas, so the children don’t need to travel so far.”

The 37-year-old, who named his own label ‘Jeepney’ after the popular means of transport in the country, said:

“I came from a little province (Pampanga) and had to go to the city (Angeles) to go to high school. That’s when I saw all the kids breakdancing on street corners and that’s where I first heard NWA, the Beastie Boys, and it was like ‘woah, I want to do it too! “When I came over to the US to live, in 1989, the first person I ran into was will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas co-founding member). He asked what we did in the Philippines and when I showed him ‘The Running Man’, (breakdancing move from a popular US advert) I didn’t quite have it I guess. Although he laughed, we still formed a dance group!”

He may have fortune and fame but apl has endured a tough life. Raised, alongside six siblings, by a single mum he was adopted and moved to the US at 14. He’s since lost two brothers, one to suicide and another to a shooting, and knows that life is tough for many of his countrymen living abroad.

“At every show I play there’s always Filipinos and I know there’s a lot of overseas workers in Dubai. They are making a sacrifice right now, I know they are away from their family trying to make a living and a better future and that’s why I’m looking forward to playing.”

Join Apl.de.ap next Thursday, November 1st, you can buy tickets here, watch this video where the filipino invites you to join the party!


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