Apl.de.ap kicks off new education charity partnership

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Written by: Adriana Perez H

(Manila, Philippines, July 5, 2013): Apl.de.ap of The Black Eyed Peas, launched a new partnership between The Apl.de.ap Foundation (ADAF) and Red Ribbon, in collaboration with Franklin Baker, to build new schools in The Philippines.

“With education, you can be anything. It comes from experience with me having an education that led me to be here, giving back and helping out others.” said Apl at a press conference.

The campaign is called “Macaroons for a Cause”, for every pack of macaroons purchased, which costs P50, P7 goes to ADAF.

“In every classroom, there’s going to be a music program. And we’re going to provide the same equipment that I use in my daily life, in making music”

“I’m proud of my kababayans, and I want to see the youth of the Philippines to compete against the world”, explained Apl.de.ap.

If in 2 years, 2.4 million packs of macaroons are sell, the first classroom will be built in Zamboanga, Philippines, which is reported to be a conflict city, where children grow up around violence and crime.

It is expected that 30 packages will be sell per day, however during the first day of the campaign more than 35 packages were already purchased.

For Apl.de.ap it is important to get educated to have a better future and quality of life. The Apl.de.ap Foundation has built 14 classrooms around The Philippines.

Visit any Red Ribbon store to purchase a pack of macaroons only for P50 and you will help the filipino youth to have a better future.

*Click here to see gallery of the campaign launch

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