Allan Pineda Lindo, better known as, was brought to the United States at age 11 under a sponsorship by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, an organization dedicated to the well-being of Amerasian children. He was officially adopted at the age of fourteen. Shortly after, Allan met William Adams (a.k.a., and through a mutual love for music, they teamed up, forming break-dancing crew that began performing regularly in Southern California. One day, Allan was working on a beat, using his initials: “a.p.l” and the name was born. As the partnership evolved, the group became an integral part of L.A.’s hip-hop/break-dance circuit and was eventually signed by Eazy-E’s label, Ruthless Records.

Now a leading hip hop musician, record producer and member of Grammy Award-winning group The Black Eyed Peas,’s commitment to his homeland, the Philippines, has strengthened, and through his music, he intends to help link the Philippines with the rest of the world, opening the door to the recognition of the talent and voice of his people, as well as the beauty of his culture.

He explains his life story in a song called “The Apl Song” on the Peas’ 2003 album Elephunk, which includes a full chorus in Tagalog sampled from the Asin song “Balita.” The accompanying video, which includes cameos by fellow Filipino-Americans Dante Basco and Chad Hugo, is also a tribute to the Filipinos who fought for the U.S. in World War II; the song reached number one in the Philippines.  Apl is now working on a solo album as well as launching his music label, Jeepney Music.


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