Happy Birthday Song For Apl.de.ap

Apl.de.ap turns 38  on november 28th, thats why fans from all over the world sent greetings messages to his favorite filipino artist and prepared a surprise.

-Listen to a short track “Happy BDay Filipino”, sung by Julieta Nievas exclusively for Apldeap:

[cincopa A0NAoC7d9tbU]

” Happy BDay my dear Aps! Wish you the best and more, more bdays to come, God Bless you always. There are a lot of children that need you to improve their education, thanks for being an inspiration to all those kids. Thanks for showing us that we can dream, that we shouldn´t forget where we come from and that family comes first! Keep going with your foundation and building schools. Thanks for everything you did for me and for always put a smile in my face. Im proud of you, it´s been a pleasure to write about you and spread your amazing job over the net”. -ADRIPH

[cincopa AICA4Dr4-Zbe]

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